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Nov 28, 2022

Today we are celebrating TWO years of The IVF This Podcast.

Today, I am sharing the 4 most important takeaways from the last two years. Think of this as the Cliff’s Notes version of IVF This.

Nov 21, 2022

Today we are talking about perfectionism. What it is, what it isn’t and a couple of strategies to tame your perfectionism. 

Nov 14, 2022

The holiday season can be one of the most challenging for someone experiencing infertility. Today I explain two ways that we make the holidays harder on ourselves, and share two ways we can make the holidays easier for ourselves. 

Nov 7, 2022

Do you fear your future if IVF does not work? Join me and my friend, Lana, a coach that specializes in helping you build a life after IVF fails. We talk about the common themes for women rebuilding after IVF doesn't work and how thinking about the worst-case scenario is actually a form of self-care.